Lake County Ohio Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Residents of Lake County Ohio who are in need of help with basic necessities or other support can go to Catholic Charities for assistance. The Community Service programs provide assistance to groups who are struggling economically, such as the working poor, seniors, and low-income individuals. These programs specifically target Latino communities, as they are often underserved by government and other social services. They have been helping people in the area for over 60 years and assist hundreds of families and struggling individuals every year. The organization provides mental health services, emergency services, and other outreach programs to the community.

There are several services available to Hispanics and immigrants. Catholic Charities will provide assistance to the Latino community of Lake County for a short or extended period of time. The programs and services administered by the government include things such as leadership development, community outreach, employment, and help in applying for government benefits or public aid. Other resources for preventing and intervening in juvenile crime include juvenile court intervention and community referrals. This program is offered by the Lake County ADAMHS Board in partnership with the United Way.

Catholic Charities may have some money available to help with emergency rent or mortgage payments. Low-income families who meet certain eligibility requirements may be eligible for cash grants and other support. If people have enough money, they can keep their homes and not be forced to leave by eviction or foreclosure.

The Food Force Pantry can help families who are experiencing a food shortage or crisis. The regional pantry can help seniors, the unemployed, and those that are struggling. The local churches and Catholic Charities work together to help prevent hunger.

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The Families of Promise program is a service that helps children and their caregivers. The program will help children by giving them guidance and support, and helping them deal with the challenges that come from their parent’s incarceration. Different organizations offer different services, but some common services that may be provided are free food, information on housing, and more.

Familias Fuertes, or Strengthening Families, is a Catholic Charity specialized service that helps families become stronger and more united. This resource is offered to Latino youth and families. This is in addition to the Hispanic Services (see below). There are several programs in place to help and support the Latino community. These programs include leadership and job training, case management assistance, and general counseling.

Mental health counselors help people work through challenges in their lives that are causing stress. This can involve interpersonal issues and relationship problems. The hope is that the client will be able to improve their situation and become more independent after receiving counseling. This program will have costs associated with it.

The Food Force of Lake County Ohio offers emergency financial assistance and related resources. The agency may be able to help families and individuals with different types of problems. There are services to prevent homelessness by assisting with housing costs. A reduced payment or counseling may be available. If someone is in need of food, they can go to the food pantry for help.

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for assistance. Other local organizations that provide funding include the Catholic Charities Annual Appeal, the United Way, and FEMA food and shelter grants.

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Youth Employment Services also offers job training and other employment assistance. Catholic Charities and its partner groups can help eligible youth and teenagers under the age of 22 receive free job training and development skills. This can include things like internships, summer jobs, and other skills and opportunities. This means that there may be other programs available that are funded by the federal government and the Workforce Investment Act. The goal is to help people regain income and become financially stable.

The agency is located at 8 North State Street in Painesville, Ohio. To speak with someone about intake, please call 440.352-6191. If necessary, referrals will be provided.

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