Rental assistance in Baton Rouge.

There are a few different places you can go to get help with rent and housing needs in Baton Rouge as well as the parish. You can go to the Department of Social Services, the Community Action Agency, or Catholic Charities. Tenants who are struggling can get financial assistance to prevent being evicted or to access affordable housing. There are many organizations that can help with rent, security deposits, and other housing needs. Churches, charities, and government social service agencies can all provide assistance. Some agencies may also offer free motel vouchers or other aid.

There are grants and loans available in the East Baton Rouge Parish Louisiana area to help prevent homelessness. The emergency housing programs provide housing for people who are in need, with a focus on those who are homeless, families with children, and people who are trying to become independent. There are also other programs that can help with the security deposit.

Renters who are low income or struggling can also get help to be self-sufficient. One of the key ways that Baton Rouge organizations help people is by providing financial assistance with back rent or utilities. This assistance is not always available, but it can make a big difference for people who are struggling to make ends meet. Rental assistance resources are mostly temporary and have set time limits.

The Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge can be contacted by phone at 225-927-9810. This website is a great resource for finding housing information and referrals to local non-profits. The Ryan White Part A Program provides financial assistance for rent or mortgage payments, as well as shelters, legal aid, and safe housing for women facing domestic violence. This is the address: 4727 Revere Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

The phone number for the East Baton Rouge Parish branch of Volunteers of America is 922-3900 or 387-0061. Volunteers of America is a national charity organization that helps people who are struggling with eviction or other emergency situations. They offer one-time assistance and help with limited resources. Since there is a limited amount of money available, some people may be given a loan to help with rent payments.

VOA is focused on helping veterans, particularly through the SSVF program. If you are a homeless person or renter who would like more information on how to solve housing needs, please contact us directly for details. The location is 7389 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.

The American Legion Department of Louisiana manages the Temporary Financial Assistance Program. This program provides financial assistance to qualifying American Legion members and their families. This program provides cash assistance to those who qualify and are approved. The National Office provides the money for the programs, but applications are accepted at the local level. All applicants will be screened on a local or Post level. The program is located at 151 S Wooddale Blvd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806.

This organization is for women who are struggling to be independent and are in need of assistance. They use resources from a network of support services and non-profits. There may be a place to live, a place to stay temporarily, and money to pay for a new place to live, or help finding a new place to live. To reach the office, dial (225) 379-3640, or the office is located at 2286 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802.

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The Baton Rouge Office of Community Development can be contacted at (225) 389-3039. This office was responsible for the homeless prevention program for the federal government. They also help with speaking up for affordable housing in the parish. This organization provides grants to help with rent, utilities, moving costs, and other expenses, as funding allows. Some additional vouchers were offered for local hotels or motels, as well as services such as budgeting workshops and credit counseling.

The Christian Outreach Center provides assistance with basic necessities. If there is enough money, we can help pay for rent or utilities. This homeless ministry is located at 1427 Main Street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m sorry, can you please repeat that?

The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church provides financial assistance for emergencies such as overdue rent or utilities, moving expenses, and security deposits. Aid is generally given once a year, in the form of a payment to the landlord or utility company, rather than to the applicant directly. Assistance with rent or other expenses is available to individuals regardless of religion who live at 1565 Curtis Street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is the phone number for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Cancer Services Of Greater Baton Rouge is a cancer treatment center located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It can be reached at 225-927-2273. Cancer patients may be offered financial assistance for their housing costs.

The Baton Rouge Housing Authority is responsible for managing public housing in the Baton Rouge area. The office is located at 4731 North Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70805. Applications are processed for income-based housing from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is income-based, rent-reduced apartments or homes for low-income seniors, disabled people, and families in poverty in Baton Rouge. The government offers grants and other forms of aid to help with things like affordable housing and even emergency situations. You can even get help with things like security deposits. To reach someone by phone, dial (225) 923-8100.

Baton Rouge Catholic Charities provides assistance with basic needs, help with finding and keeping a job, and guidance through tough life circumstances. This is the local Catholic Charities agency that provides social services to people in the parish. There are programs that offer financial assistance to immigrants, single parents, and the poor to help with back rent, storage costs, utility deposits, and more. The address is 1900 S Acadian Trwy, Baton Rouge Louisiana 70808, and the phone number is 225-336-8700.

The St. Patrick Catholic Church can be contacted at (12424 Brogdon Lane phone: (225) 753-5750) and the St. George Catholic Church can be contacted at (7808 St. George Dr. phone (225) 293-2212). They do not accept walk-in appointments, and people need to call first. Some housing and emergency services are offered to people who need them.

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The society only provides financial assistance to those who are about to be evicted or have already received an eviction notice. Telephone number – 225-383-7837. If you are in need of a place to stay, there are shelters available. If you need help with rent, there are programs available to help those who qualify. There are also collaborative projects that you can be a part of, and referrals to other programs that may be able to help you. The Street address for SVDP is 220 St. Vincent de Paul Place, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

St. Thomas More Catholic Church is a resource for people in need of financial assistance. They may have furniture available for free, or help with rent payments or utility bills. There are a number of services available from 11441 Goodwood Blvd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70815, including gasoline cards, housing placement services and other support. The phone number to call is 225-273-3934.

The Salvation Army offers social services to help those who are facing eviction, including rent payment assistance. Other emergency services and resources are available for low-income people, seniors, and people facing poverty. There are also free motel vouchers, transitional housing, and other assistance programs available to help people in need. The main center for this company is located at 7361 Airline Hwy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My phone number is 225-355-4483

If you are experiencing homelessness and are in need of financial assistance, the Emergency Solution Grants (ESG) from Capitol Area Alliance for the Homeless may be an option for you. The agency is located on 153 N 17th St in Baton Rouge and the phone number is 225-388-5800. They operate the Homeless Prevention Rapid Rehousing Program to help people in the East Parish region who are at risk of being homeless.

The federal government has a grant program that can help with housing or rental needs. This program is for people who have suddenly lost their income, people who are about to be evicted, and others in similar situations. All other possible solutions should be tried before contacting this location. If you are qualified, you may be able to get emergency rental assistance, money to pay for moving or storage costs, motel vouchers, and more. The phone number is 225-388-5800.

The Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church can help with things like renting assistance and referrals for housing. The goal is to provide housing or to prevent homelessness in the city. The parish is located at 185 Eddie Robinson Sr Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. Please call the number 225-343-0640.

There is also extra help available for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Baton Rouge Parish. Programs like TBRA help to keep people in their homes by providing stability and assistance with rent, while other programs offer emergency assistance in the form of grants, motel vouchers, or utility assistance. Programs also focus on helping groups of people who are typically vulnerable, such as tenants with children, senior citizens, immigrants and single moms. Other people can apply for help with rent. Baton Rouge has programs to help people who are in danger of being evicted and to help those who have already been evicted find new housing.

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The Dr. Leo Butler Community Center, located at 950 E Washington St, may sometimes have money available to help with rent in an emergency. This means that you may be able to get a loan with no interest to help pay for rent. To begin the intake process, please call 225-389-4860.

The Office of Social Services can help with mortgage or rent payments. This means that the Baton Rouge Parish government is trying to help seniors, disabled people, and poor people. The number to call is 225-358-4561. There is a variety of financial assistance available from 4523 Plank Rd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70805, including cash aid, TANF grants, and SSI disability benefits. The government also gives money to groups that help the community through the Community Service Block Grant.

is a Louisiana non-profit corporation which provides civil legal assistance to low income persons Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Inc. is a Louisiana non-profit corporation that helps low-income people with their civil legal problems. The organization provides free legal services and advice to low-income families in Baton Rouge. This means that attorneys can help you with eviction defense, utility terminations, and public benefits such as section 8 housing. To speak to someone using a telephone, dial 855-512-3980.

This is an organization that helps people in the southeastern United States. The Salvation Army provides financial assistance for rent payments, access to a food pantry, and free household furnishings. There are also programs to help with utility bills and city bus passes. The location of the property is 476 Sharp Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70815. The main number is (225) 924-5122.

The HIV/AIDS Alliance for Region Two, Inc. is an organization that provides resources and support for people living with HIV/AIDS in the second region. These programs help patients with HIV and/or AIDS by providing them with shelter, transition housing, and other aid. You can get information on health care, medications, housing or rent grants, and more. The telephone number for the non-profit is 225-927-1269. The non-profit is located at 4560 North Boulevard. Baton Rouge is a city located in Louisiana. The zip code for Baton Rouge is 70806.

St. Anthony’s Home is an assisted living facility for people with AIDS / HIV only. Please call our main phone number at (225) 923-1389.

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